Malaysia’s Tipping Point in Energy

How is Malaysia’s energy sector faring? Greenpeace, the NGO that concerns themselves with environmental problems and their causes around the world, has just released a Scorecard for the Southeast Asian Power Sector. Its scope is wide and covers energy sectors in many of the region’s countries. Malaysia was given a D+ for its score. The International EnergyContinue reading “Malaysia’s Tipping Point in Energy”

Meetings and Work, Post-pandemic

Meetings can be trivial and yes, could sometimes have ‘been an email instead’. We’d use to see it in the office, as glazed-over eyes, absent nodding, and phones out on the table. Why do in-person meetings matter at all? Is it different from listening to someone speak through a camera versus having them there, living,Continue reading “Meetings and Work, Post-pandemic”

Nano & Micro Influencers: It’s About Knowing Your Audience

With influencers, followers either want to be them or be with them.Imagine shelling out thousands to reach an audience, only to see a post miss its mark. Brands pay big sums to big influencers to feature their product in a post. These influencers can have follower counts of up to millions. The first problem isContinue reading “Nano & Micro Influencers: It’s About Knowing Your Audience”

Writing B2B, not B2-In-Your-Face

The amount of forcefulness in the tone of marketing content is really important. Readers are intelligent enough to come to their own conclusions without being shoved to the checkout counter, and a gentler approach would work better. Mark Twain puts it this way:  “A successful book is not made of what is in it, butContinue reading “Writing B2B, not B2-In-Your-Face”

The Myth of Morality and Emotional Intelligence in Modern Management

Management is like oxygen: pervasive, invisible and intangible, but essential for healthy functioning. It can also be toxic and corrosive! In the inhospitable, rarified heights of the working world, breathable oxygen can be hard to find. This is why it’s often said that employees don’t quit companies; they quit their bosses. The truism is supportedContinue reading “The Myth of Morality and Emotional Intelligence in Modern Management”

Still Human: Managing Influencer Campaigns

From the previous article: an influencer’s follower count, engagement rate and brand suitability need first be confirmed. Once those boxes are ticked and an influencer is selected, there is still a considerable way to go before the brand and product is introduced to target audiences ― i.e. the process of getting an actual campaign running.Continue reading “Still Human: Managing Influencer Campaigns”

Beyond Vanity Metrics: Sourcing Influencers For Relevance

Influencer marketing, while often used, can still fall short of expectations and the pain that comes with it gives everyone involved the not-so-useful superpower of 20/20 hindsight.  Things begin simply enough, with a client’s directive of “find us someone to represent our brand and its image while driving sales.” A campaign then ensues, with likesContinue reading “Beyond Vanity Metrics: Sourcing Influencers For Relevance”

A beginner’s case for cryptocurrency

The graphs don’t lie as cryptocurrencies continue to be speculated about and continually invested in by traders of many. Many who cast their lots to this endeavour seek opportunity and return in a now decade-old field. For each investor who sees potential in cryptocurrency is another who is sceptical of its credibility and even intrinsicContinue reading “A beginner’s case for cryptocurrency”

From Media to PR: The Greener Grass?

As a new normality asserts itself in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, lives and livelihoods worldwide have been irreversibly altered. The media and media-adjacent roles are no exception, as print bottom lines tumble further and industry giants face a stark choice: transform or be left behind. With newspapers and magazines folding left and right,Continue reading “From Media to PR: The Greener Grass?”