Tokenize Xchange

Standing out among more established players is never easy.

Here, we endeavoured to tell Tokenize Xchange’s story, as a crypto exchange founded by a Malaysia-born investor-trader turned crypto enthusiast.

Mission and challenges

Our mission was to publicize this newly founded platform in a space with many other established competitors. To meet the challenge, we began working on positioning Hong Qi Yu, the founder, to craft a compelling narrative.

At the time, cases of fraud were rife in the crypto space, and authorities had begun to regulate cryptocurrency, requiring that exchanges be licensed to legally operate in the country.

In that way, timing had also played a part, as Tokenize had just gained conditional approval by the Securities Commission in Malaysia, as one of only four licensed Digital Asset Exchanges.

While this recognition under a government body would likely draw further confidence from users, there was also untapped potential with a recent study revealing that up to 3.5 million Malaysians owned cryptocurrency with more growth expected in the future.

In this space, fraud, scams, and a general lack of knowledge made headlines. Meanwhile, while know-how gained passed down from spokespeople tended to be from cold, distant, sources abroad without local understanding.


To differentiate and carve out a space for Tokenize, we not only banked on its licensed status but also on founder Hong’s Malaysian heritage and long-standing interest in investment and expertise in cryptocurrency.

We started with strategic press releases that would announce company developments, industry commentary, and wherever possible, interviews with Hong to truly connect with its desired Malaysian user base. 

These were received fairly well, as back then to now, thought leadership on the topic as well as the current ongoing in the crypto market was highly sought after. 

Over time, we’ve managed to feature Tokenize on mainstream and industry publications, giving the exchange awareness while positioning Hong as a thought leader.

Coverage samples

Above left: coverage on BFM
Above right: coverage on The Sun Daily

Above left: coverage on New Straits Times
Above right: coverage on Harian Metro