Plus Xnergy

A company started in 2012 by 3 friends who saw the potential for solar power had grown over time to a medium sized company. Looking to diversify, the brand had in mind a rebranding event that would announce its restructuring into three subsidiaries with distinct services: one to provide turnkey solar solutions, the other to explore battery storage, and the third to provide AIoT energy solutions.


The spokespersons involved in the event had requested pointers for their upcoming speeches at the rebranding event, encompassing personal statements, company key offerings, and future goals, conveyed to present domain expertise, while being easy to understand for the layperson attending the event.

Sample of a speech developed for Plus Xnergy’s CTO and co-founder, Ryan Oh

Event management & press release

The rebranding exercise was seen as key by the company, and so expectations for media coverage was equally crucial. As part of our scope in inviting the media, we angled a pitch to focus on the brand’s contribution to help not only households and businesses in a difficult time, but also advance Malaysia’s overall goal for renewable energy adoption.  

At launch, we facilitated and managed attending press. Past the event, we continued to support the media in their gaps in understanding. This had ensured maximal, quality coverage from leading publications. 

  • 25 media attendance
  • 41 press clippings
  • 200,000,000+ UMV* / readership

*unique monthly site views

Top: Virtual rebranding event – Youtube
Above left: coverage on The Sun Daily
Above right: coverage on New Straits Times


Following this initial burst of interest, we had continued pitching efforts to media for interviews with key spokespersons. The event had generated not only coverage but also media interest, leading to the company’s positioning as an industry leader in clean energy alongside its peers of similar size and event those already publicly listed.

Interview on Astro Awani