Jabra Retail & Online

As a world-leading audio and video brand, with 150 years of history, Danish sound solutionist Jabra wanted to up its brand positioning in Malaysia. We had worked with them over the years to bring awareness and recall to their target consumers through publicity.

Most recently, their consumer / B2C arm had launched its latest series of true wireless earbuds, the Jabra Elite series, and sought publicity. Jabra’s products were previously made for high purchasing power clients, now aimed at a younger audience. The challenge was to shift public perception of the brand from inaccessible to one more affordable and in touch with current trends.

Event management & press release

Before the product’s launch day, we localised a global press release to be suitable for the Malaysian market, whilst crafting an invite pitch, sent to selected publications. Personal follow-ups were critical in ensuring turnout.  

At launch, we facilitated and managed the attending press, ensuring their understanding of the products’ strengths and unique selling points. Past the event, we continued to support the media in their gaps in understanding. This had ensured maximal, quality coverage from leading publications. 

However, those were only the first steps in the products’ entry into the market. In the following months, activities were split between media reviews and influencer engagements.

  • 30+ Media attendance 
  • 50+ Pieces of coverage
  • 30 Reviews
  • 840,000+ social media exposure

Above left: coverage on SoyaCincau (Mandarin)
Above right: coverage on Amanz


With media reviews, we would seed products while also educating journalists on preferred messaging to produce not only favourable but also timely coverage.

Above left: coverage on Buro 247
Above right: coverage on Technave

Influencer engagements

With influencers, the client had specified TiKTok as their desired platform, given its youthful makeup of users. Our role in sourcing the right influencers involved screening for engagement metrics and personal qualities that best fit Jabra’s image. As a result, we produced over 700,000 combined views, likes, comments, shares.