Jabra Enterprise

As a world leading audio and video brand, with 150 years of history, Jabra was ramping up its enterprise/B2B solutions. More recently, they had launched: the Jabra PanaCast series, a set of video conferencing solutions, and the Jabra Evovle2 range of professional headsets, with both taking a hybrid working approach.

Event management & press release

Before the product’s launch day, we localised a global press release to be suitable for a Malaysian market, whilst crafting an invite pitch, sent to selected publications. Personal follow-ups were critical in ensuring turnout.

At launch, we facilitated and managed the attending press, ensuring their understanding of the products’ strengths and unique selling points. Past the event, we continued to support the media in their gaps in understanding. This had ensured maximal, quality coverage from leading publications. Completing this first step in the products’ entry to market, the following months.

Above left: coverage on KL Gadget Guy
Above right: coverage on Zing Gadget


Seeding products to the right publications for review would ensure exposure to desired audiences. We opted for startup tech and consumer tech publications.

Above, top: coverage on Vulcan Post
Above: coverage on Liveatpc.com

Case studies

With enterprise-grade products, case studies from individual companies were the desired activity in gaining the trust of potential adopters. This was unique, as we were first tasked to approach and secure the media on their buy-in on the case studies, before seeding and installing it with Jabra experts.

After collating information from the media, we then worked to create the relevant case studies which would be used as important marketing materials for Jabra in their dealings with potential clients. The case studies encompassed: 

  1. Malaysia’s largest and leading free circulating English daily had used the Jabra PanaCast for their editorial and sales and advertising teams. Having the right professional device in place improved their team’s experiences and productivity, simplifying their transition to hybrid working.
  2. Malaysia’s leading and only business radio station using a wide range of professional solutions, continued to operate within a hybrid working model, hinging on successful virtual meetings and quality audio-video productions.