Lagenda Properties

Lagenda Properties is an affordable home developer, previously known as DBE Gurney. Post transition, it sought publicity for its efforts in building homes for the underserved affordable segment.

Their unique challenge was in combining messaging between target audiences, which included B40, M40 home buyers, investors, and landowners.

Mixed messaging:
Homebuyers, Investors, Landowners

The bulk of activities aimed at main audiences would always include empathetic appeals towards the needy state of B40s in Malaysia, where few if any developers build homes that match their affordability. 

To keep relevant, we then created CSR angles coupled with current pressing issues that would help build an image of a brand in-touch with the people’s disadvantage.   

Radio Interviews

More than the written word, radio interview with top stakeholders, such as Lagenda’s Managing Director, Dato’ Jimmy Doh, attract investors to the company as he goes through financials, future plans. We would craft pitches relevant to target publications and prepare the spokesperson on key points, ensuring messaging objectives are met.

Event management:
Joint venture with a government body

To announce a substantial joint venture with a government body, Lagenda sought a press conference just as the Movement Control Order (MCO) Phase 1 had ended. 

In our scope, we worked with an event company to select a suitably convenient and upscale venue that adhered closely to standard operating procedures (SOPs). 

From there, we created a comprehensive event checklist, speeches and strategic content leading up to the press conference. The key angle was to highlight the joint-venture as a point of national interest, given that the built homes would target B40 groups. 

On event day, we worked alongside the hotel and event management to ensure SOPs were adhered to, managed the attending media, asking questions on their behalf and disseminating a crafted press release, developed with Lagenda’s corporate finance department. As a result, the event saw 77 pieces of coverage, from tier 1 , 2 and 3 publications.