Nano & Micro Influencers: It’s About Knowing Your Audience

With influencers, followers either want to be them or be with them.Imagine shelling out thousands to reach an audience, only to see a post miss its mark. Brands pay big sums to big influencers to feature their product in a post. These influencers can have follower counts of up to millions. The first problem isContinue reading “Nano & Micro Influencers: It’s About Knowing Your Audience”

Still Human: Managing Influencer Campaigns

From the previous article: an influencer’s follower count, engagement rate and brand suitability need first be confirmed. Once those boxes are ticked and an influencer is selected, there is still a considerable way to go before the brand and product is introduced to target audiences ― i.e. the process of getting an actual campaign running.Continue reading “Still Human: Managing Influencer Campaigns”