Nano & Micro Influencers: It’s About Knowing Your Audience

With influencers, followers either want to be them or be with them.Imagine shelling out thousands to reach an audience, only to see a post miss its mark. Brands pay big sums to big influencers to feature their product in a post. These influencers can have follower counts of up to millions. The first problem isContinue reading “Nano & Micro Influencers: It’s About Knowing Your Audience”

Writing B2B, not B2-In-Your-Face

The amount of forcefulness in the tone of marketing content is really important. Readers are intelligent enough to come to their own conclusions without being shoved to the checkout counter, and a gentler approach would work better. Mark Twain puts it this way:  “A successful book is not made of what is in it, butContinue reading “Writing B2B, not B2-In-Your-Face”